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October 4, 2020
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Finding a Private Tutor

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Parents are becoming more proactive in their children's education. Many parents are making the choice to homeschool their children and are hiring private tutors. If a child is getting behind in school or if a parent just wants their child to have an edge, hiring a private tutor may just be the ideal thing to do.

The tutoring industry includes private tutors and national tutoring companies such as Hunting Learning Center and Sylvan Learning Center. It also includes online tutors and tutoring services. This option is becoming increasingly popular. Centers such as Sylvan typically employ licensed teachers. These centers are pricey but some families think the investment is worth it if their child excels.

Services at these centers include evaluating the student by giving a battery of tests that will help to identify what areas the student is weak in.
The price of private tutors varies. The typical price for a private tutor is between thirty dollars and seventy dollars. A parent can pay over a thousand dollars at a commercial center if you use their services for a number of months. Online tutoring may cost between thirty-five and one hundred and thirty dollars.

A good tutoring program has outcomes and goals that can be measured. These goals and outcomes should be put in writing to make the tutor and the child accountable.

When looking for a tutor, it is a good idea to find one who is an expert in the field they are instructing in and that has teaching experience. A good tutor is trained in instructional approaches that are effective and have some previous experience. The private tutor must work well with students and be able to develop good communication with the student. A tutor with these qualifications can put a parent at ease and they can be confident in what their child will learn from the tutor.

A good private tutor works well with the family, involves them in the learning process and keeps them updated on their child's progress. Private tutors help the child gain confidence in their academic skills and abilities.

Private tutors can not only be found by contacting tutoring centers they can also be found after school hours or on weekends. Some private tutors are available during the summer as well. Tutors can help with subjects such as algebra English, math or many other subjects. They can tailor instruction to a child's specific need and provide quality lessons.

If a child need tutoring in a foreign language such as Spanish, French or ESL it may be possible to find a private tutor that teaches using language immersion.

Even if a child is home schooled, a parent can still look into finding a private tutor. A private tutor can handle a subject that the parent may not be able to. The tutor can cover advanced sciences or foreign languages. Virtually all students can benefit from private tutoring. Private tutors can give children confidence and an edge when it comes to their academics.


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