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October 21, 2020
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Finding the Right Nanny and Finding the Right Family

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Mary Poppins is the most famous nanny in the world, but aside from flying over rooftops, nannies are a major global business. Historically, nurses were probably the first nannies, hired as live-in custodians to care for the children of the household. Nannies assist parents in raising their children acting in a sense, as a surrogate parent, which was the principle function then as it is now. A nanny is a consistent caregiver and is essential in a child's formative years when the parents cannot be at home.

Today, a nanny position has evolved into a profession that requires credentials, education, training, and certification. A nanny is no longer a glorified baby sitter, but a profession that commands a respectable salary that can pay from $400-$800 plus a week or $40,000 plus per year. Some nanny positions include doing light housework, laundry, shopping and preparing meals. As the list of duties expands, so should the salary.

There are a number of nanny training schools for teaching and obtaining all necessary certifications. The schools usually provide nanny placement services so once the nanny graduates, she can find employment through the alma mater.

Here are some placement requirements that a nanny needs:

-Graduate from an ACNS (American Council of Nanny Schools) approved Nanny School,
-Certified Early Childhood Education (2 or 4 year program)
-Experienced child care provider with comparable education in child development, nutrition, health and psychology and a minimum of one year childcare experience.

Additional references include:

-Five references, four must be childcare related
-First Aid/CPR Certification
-A good driving record
-No criminal record
-Verification of good health
-Ability to give a one year commitment

Finding the right nanny can be an overwhelming and exhausting experience. Probably the best approach for novice parents is to find a nanny through a placement agency. The best place to look for placement is through a good nanny school. The advantage is, the school knows its students and can easily pick candidates that would match a household.

Here are some tips for parents looking for the right nanny:

-Check credentials and certifications from school.
-Great personality that fits parents' and the children.
-Good communication skills for parents and children.
-Does the nanny's philosophy on discipline coincide with the parents?

It is advisable to work with ACNS approved schools and placement agencies for good results. This is not a hard, fast rule but it is a great starting point for parents who are starting to do their research.


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