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June 2, 2020
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Classroom Management Techniques For Middle School Students

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Building classroom discipline is one of the greatest concerns any educator who desire to fulfil the expected professional calling should have. This is particularly true when it comes to teaching in a middle school where the application of effective classroom management techniques for middle school is very important to facilitate effective and conscious learning in a great and fun filled manner.
The bedrock or foundation of any worthwhile effort at building classroom discipline is the relationship the teacher facilitates with the students. This is actually true because it is you, the teacher, which ultimately determines what happens in the classroom while you teach your lessons.

What proactive approach to classroom management can achieve for you: I have always believed in adopting proactive approach to building classroom discipline and classroom management techniques for middle school and, in fact, in any other type or level of school. The main focus of the proactive measure to classroom management is to make sure the mode of lesson delivery by the teacher keeps students motivated and involved in the lesson throughout the entire period allotted to the lesson.

The purpose of the proactive approach to building discipline in students while in class is to make sure classroom management issues do not occur at all as much as possible; and it is possible to a large extent that students are made to always focus on the classroom lesson task with minimal distractions which would not affect their learning capacity and overall teaching and learning process within the classroom-the truth is that if students enjoy what they learn in class at all times, they will be more motivated to desire to learn more and participate in classroom tasks always. So, when it comes to building classroom discipline using the proactive approach, the buck stops at the teacher's table.

Unproductive approaches to building classroom discipline: Most teachers adopt two common ways in order to address the challenges of building discipline and classroom management in a school. The first common method involve absolute neglect of discipline in order to avoid being seen as a tough disciplinarian which is counterproductive since the misbehaviour issues will surely not cease by themselves but rather escalate into more issues of indiscipline and disruptive behaviours. This method is too risky and it won't work for effective classroom management.

The second approach is the strict approach that believes every act of misbehaviour whether minor or major must be heavily dealt with to serve as a deterrent to the offender and other students. As with the first method, this approach has left off the most important concept of humanity in building discipline concepts in students. This method is sure to make the teacher look like a persona non grata and a negative personality to the students. Students may keep off from that teacher but their behaviour will not improve from the strict teacher's approach.

Examples of proactive approach to classroom management: Here are practical examples of deploying proactive approach to building classroom discipline and classroom management techniques in middle school.
1.Develop your students' thinking faculty by always asking critical questions that make them think.
2.Deploy musical tones in your method of teaching.
3.Give your students examples that connect them to the real world.
4.Slant your lesson to what matters to them or what they consider important to them.
5.Deploy video in your teaching.


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