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August 6, 2020
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Desk Globes - Put The World At Your Finger Tips

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If you work with clients around the world, you probably wonder where they are in relation to you. While it's easy to picture a country such as India or France, it can be a lot more difficult to pinpoint the location of Malaysia, Indonesia, Lithuania or Slovakia.

Sure, you could Google it. But that isn't much fun. Better yet to do it the old fashioned way.

Ever since Columbus first discovered that the world was round, studied scholars, learned scientists and literary giants have relied on desk globes of varying sizes to show them the world as the rest of the universe sees it.

Well, almost sees it. Of course, we know only too well that the various countries, provinces and states don't really have lines around them - and then there's the each country is a different color thing - but desk globes come pretty darned close.

In a quick spin you can find your associate's country and know how it relates to the rest of the world. Globes offer a three-dimensional view of the world no other mapping system can do. Even Google isn't that good.

Of course, desk globes can be pretty educational too. Ever try to explain the rising and setting of the sun to a kid? Globes make it a snap. Simply darken the room, turn on a flashlight and point it at the globe. Then slowly turn the globe and explain how the dark coming into the light is how the sun appears to rise. You can also do other neat tricks with globes, including showing why it gets dark earlier in the winter and why summer nights are longer. Plus you can demonstrate an eclipse of the sun or moon by using a desk globe and a basketball or baseball. Pretty cool science stuff your child will remember for a life time.

Back to desk globes. Now that you can see how cool they are to have, what kind should you get?

First you want to decide the on a size for your globe. You don't want your globe to eat up all your desk space. If you have a large executive desk, you can get a pretty large globe to match. Just be sure it's not so large or out of proportion that you can't see your client sitting on the other side of the desk.

Desk globes come in a variety of materials too. You don't need to go with the old plastic globes you had in elementary school. Hardly! Today you can get globes made of exotic and rare woods and semi-precious and precious stone as well. Some offer full relief surfaces while others show the geo-political boundaries we all learned in geography class.

The choice is really yours when it comes to globes. There's something for everyone and they not only add elegance to your living space, but a touch of humility and awe at the same time. One thing's for sure. With a desk globe, the world will always be at your finger tips.


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