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August 10, 2020
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Develop Your Kid's Motor Skills With Pedal Cars

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Pedal cars are not just for play. These are handy and fun things to have around for your kid's motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Find out more from here.

Get those pedal cars

When your little ones ask for pedal cars, give each of them the car they would like to scoot around in. You are not just giving in to their whims, but helping them develop their motor skills, as well. As they pedal around the house or on the lawn, they are practicing all motor skills at once.

They have to coordinate their little legs and feet movement, as well as their hand and eye coordination. When they pedal around, they also have to think quickly to avoid missing their busy mommy or your lazy fat dog sprawled on the foyer. At first, this will be difficult for them so expect some hits and misses. In time, they will be driving their pedal cars just fine. Sounds familiar? You were a kid once so you will know what fun it was then when you got the hang of pedaling your car around the house.

Watch their motor skills develop

Motor skills involve the skeletal muscles in a directed manner. The brain, joints, and the nervous system all work together to achieve a desired action. Your toddlers have developed the gross motor skills - sitting up, crawling, and walking. They now need refined skills like using their limbs and coordinating their different body parts. Each time they pedal around, you are sure that the muscles in their legs and arms are getting enough exercise, so encourage them go around in their pedal cars. They get entertained and you get the time to relax and join their fun.

Helping your children develop their motor skills will equip them for life. They will develop better posture. This will aid them in school as developed motor skills have an impact on the brain too.

Helping them along

When you get those small cars, teach them the parts of the pedal cars and the function of each. By taking time to introduce them to their new property, you are in fact teaching them that their new toys are important. Informed, they will love and be taking care of their new cars better.

Let them practice in a bigger space, like the lawn, for example. The moment they have acquired the knack to make those turns, start them on recognizing road signs. This will make their driving exercise fun. You will be amazed at how fast they can recognize signs.

Be firm about your rules. Let them know you are serious about where to park their pedal cars after using them. Of course, you have the responsibility of checking out if there are loosened screws or anything that may harm the children.

Choosing the pedal cars

Bring your kids along when you have finally decided to get them their little cars. You will be surprised that they have their individual preferences. This alone is an exercise towards decision-making. They might go for the fiery fire engine or the Indy racer. To keep up the fun, get gasoline pump storage. They will lap it up.

Check out the manufacturer's instructions and if the pedal cars are appropriate for your 3 and 4-year-old. After checking these out online, go to the shop with your kids. Seeing one online is different from viewing one live. Help your kids along, get them pedal cars.


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