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November 7, 2020
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English: The Global Language of Communication

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There are many different languages in the world, and there are simply none more impactful than the English language. The English language is an amazing language, and it is beautiful. The shear amount of people who speak it are breath-taking, and there are many countries that teach the global language of communication in primary schools.

With about 400 million people who speak it as their primary language, and the total of English speakers at nearly 2 billion people around the world, it is no wonder why this language is the global language of communication.

Background and Origins

Historically, the language that is language is one of West Germanic descent, with origins in Anglo-Saxon England. The language is a culmination of many words from many pre-existing languages around the world, but specifically influenced by the Old Norse language of the Vikings. After the Normans conquered, where we had Old English, it transformed into what we called Middle language, which was borrowed mostly from their language, as far as spelling and vocabulary are concerned.

Shortly thereafter, Mordern English was developed, coming along with what was called the Great Vowel Shift, which happened in 15th century English, where they incorporated words from a great score of different languages and dialects. In this, it is where we started using more and more words that were rooted in Greek and Latin, especially in the use of technical words.

The Significance of English

English is considered something called the lingua franca, the world's first. This basivcally means that the language of English is something that is basically an international language of people not speaking a mother tongue. So, it's not uncommon around the world for people to speak English if they want to communicate with someone not from their country. It is also the dominant language in many fields, such as business, science, entertainment, radio, and diplomacy.

The use of the English language is something that is considered a requirement in many fields of business, especially in the higher echelons. Even in countries where English is not the country's primary language, a basic knowledge of English is generally required. This fact is definitely true in the fields of medicine and computing, where one is bound to have to communicate with someone that was not born in the same country that you were. And in these fields, having a lingua franca is something that definitely something that can come in handy.

English is something of a beautiful language, and people around the world have been studying it for a number of years for them to learn it as best as they possibly can. In learning English, there can be many things that can be achieved than if not. Chances there will more than likely be a time where a person would need to communicate with someone from another country, and if it's the global language, a person definitely could be benefit from learning it! And with this global language of communication, it will definitely not be an effort in vain.


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