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09 May 20
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Choosing the Right Educational Video Games for Your Children
Video games are among the most popular toys today. Children of all ages spend a lot of time engrossed in the latest action-packed video console or computer game. For this reason, it is important to choose video games that are educational, rather than those that contain violence or other content not suitable for children. There is a host of video games on the market perfect for children.
26 May 20
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Creative Crafting Ideas For Kids
Worried that a whole summer out of school and doing little more than sitting in front of the television is turning their young brains to mush? Time to come up with some crafty activities to help stimulate their creative genius. Not only will it help keep their minds active, but creative activities will keep everyone from falling victim to the most dreaded of summertime troubles: boredom.
27 Jun 20
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Educational Toys to Improve Attention Deficit Disorder
Children with attention deficit disorder often struggle in school because of their short attention spans. Many quickly decide that they are "dumb" or "stupid" when the simple truth is that their condition is causing them to fail in the traditional school setting, which requires children to focus on one activity for an extended period of time.
30 Jul 20
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Einstein Explained in Every Day Language - It's Simpler Than You Think
HOLLYWOOD, FL, May 28, 2014 - Author and physics teacher Ira Mark Egdall announces the release of his new popular science book, Einstein Relatively Simple: Our Universe Revealed in Everyday Language, published by World Scientific Publishing.
07 Sep 20
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Family Vacations In The Great Outdoors
How long have you been sitting in front of that television, watching boring reruns? Are you overwrought, exhausted, and do you have at least one argument with your family in a day? Well then, its time to pack your bags, your tenting gear, and your family into your car and head to the great outdoors for a vacation. The great outdoors are beckoning and it's about time you responded to nature's call.
29 Sep 20
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Fancy Backpacks for Kids and Cool iPhone 6 Cases That Can Make Wonderful Christmas Presents This Year
Gifting isn't about presents for the big heroes in the family only. The little ones deserve the same attention too. Though the recent iPhone 6 release may sound like a great option in gifting cool iPhone 6 accessories to the adult smartphone users in the family, it wouldn't work for the little ones at all. What you need are gift ideas that look vibrant and in tone with the general kid fashion.
04 Oct 20
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Finding a Private Tutor
Parents are becoming more proactive in their children's education. Many parents are making the choice to homeschool their children and are hiring private tutors. If a child is getting behind in school or if a parent just wants their child to have an edge, hiring a private tutor may just be the ideal thing to do.
21 Oct 20
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Finding the Right Nanny and Finding the Right Family
Mary Poppins is the most famous nanny in the world, but aside from flying over rooftops, nannies are a major global business. Historically, nurses were probably the first nannies, hired as live-in custodians to care for the children of the household. Nannies assist parents in raising their children acting in a sense, as a surrogate parent, which was the principle function then as it is now.
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